Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Warrior

Treasure the one who lightens the burden of anyone else.
Charles Dickens

Friday with My My...Dinner at home. For the record, I cooked! Yes, it was mac and cheese -- 2 different kinds. She likes the sprinkles. How do they know about sprinkles? She took a huge bubble bath and watched a Disney show. Mr. Wonderful got home and they played for awhile. Bedtime had passed so I read her a nice little story from O Magazine to help her fall asleep.

Saturday morning at First Watch...Always good. Stopped by Alex D.'s Birthday party. Ted's Christmas Party with 2100 other employees. Lynn and Steve were great! The Mummy with both the guys was too much fun!!

Sunday was great...Shopping with at MAM. A quick stop at home and then off to Jax for curry chicken with Trish. I talked to Doris, little brother, Timmy and DBM while heading north for a brief visit with everyone.

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