Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry christmas everyone

Auntie Belinda, Michelle and Uncle Mike ready for good tidings of joy!

Josie, Baby Theo (inside tummy) and Auntie Mila having fun, fun, fun!

my uncle Bob and his new bacon band-aids

Elaine and her KFC...Michelle too!

what teddy got me

3 T's - Christmas Day

"Leo", Mommy Glow and Me - Christmas Eve
All words to describe my Christmas Eve and Christmas with Ted and I's family. We arrived at the J's on Friday night...late. I think we went to bed after 1 o'clock in the morning. On Christmas Eve, we got up around 8 a.m. to begin helping in the kitchen. Okay...Ted got up to help in the kitchen. I went ahead and assigned myself a member of the clean up crew. I TOOK TIME FOR ME AND WENT SHOPPING! What a great gift -- taking time for YOURSELF. It felt normal since I haven't exactly been normal for the last few months. I stopped in all of the stores I wanted to and had lunch outside on a perfect day. I meditated on how much I have to be thankful and how God continues to reveal so much to me through others and what happens in my life. When I got back to the J's, I was fully revived and washed every dish in the sink, put them away, helped with laundry, wrapped gifts for both families, blew Trish's hair dry and got myself ready for dinner at Todd and Cindy's. As always, the food was fabulous! The company was great too! Around 11 p.m. we headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's house for the second celebration on Christmas Eve. It was very special...Josie was there with Theo and little Theo. She is a month away from delivery...Can't wait to see the little baby. Presents were everywhere and so were people. Ted and I sat next to each other along with Neil and Mom. I received many nice things including clothes, journals, two copies of Gilmore Girls, Season 4 so I am going to trade one in for season 3 and just overall a great big warm heart from all of the smiles and reactions while everyone was opening their gifts. Bob and Mila had a gazillion desserts as usual. They also made chicken -- adobo and bourbon. YUMMMMMmmmm! There was lots to eat and lots to enjoy. We got back to the J's after 3 a.m. It was a good exhaustion. Christmas morning was busy with all of the preparations for dinner and gifts. I helped by attempting to be available for clean up but Mr. J. kept doing it himself. I would probably be the same way too. Once again, many things were given. Ted got me SIRIUS radio for the car. Todd and Cindy got me a gift certificate to JJill. Trish looked well and very happy. I was blessed by that over and over again throughout the day. We sat down for lunch and prayer was given by Ted, Sr. We all found ourselves a bit emotional...Well, okay, a lot emotional! It's all very intense but everyone has been such great help. It's really out of our control. After enjoying a delicious meal that was very similar to Thanksgiving (THANKS TODD), Ted and I left for Mike and Belin's home. Somehow I drove right to it even though I had no idea where I was going. Everyone was there. The table was set. There was a lot of macaroni. Elaine brought a friend -- Brian. I believe he plays guitar and she jokes around like she doesn't like him at all. Josie was allergic to something in the air. The dog was as cute as ever. Uncle Mike seemed upset...Not sure why. I gave the blessing which was the only moment that the television was muted. The rest of the meal was with Pulp Fiction in the background. It was turned up very loud with surround sound. I've never eaten to so many gun shots or "F" bombs. Regardless, I enjoyed talking with everyone and catching up. Mom seems healthy and happy. Josie and I got to know each other better. They were the first to leave after dinner and dessert. She was so kind to ask me to witness the birth along with her mom, cousin and Theo. I just may do that...Never have before but I figure this is a great time to be there to see a miracle. I have to say that it was a meaningful time all the way around. So much has changed in a year...I know things continue to change. Uncertainty, fear, community, creation and hope is also a part of this year's celebration too.

Merry Christmas to all who are in celebration!

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