Thursday, September 04, 2014

My First Own Goal and Of Course, At a Playoff Game

photo credit: fetti/photo planet
Yup...It finally happened. After playing co-ed rec soccer since 2006, I scored on my own goal during last night's game. Not just any game...A playoff game so as soon as the ball lifted off my shoulder and did a direct dive curving into my own goal, I knew the game was over. Felt bad since we really wanted some new t-shirts to wear in our upcoming world tour at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival. But we're getting new jerseys anyway so I'm moving on. Mostly the team wanted to play next week so by losing the game, we're out of the next round. So on behalf of my fellow VooDoo-ians, especially my fellow defenders - Robb & Chris - I want to sincerely apologize for following your lead (Robb) and scoring the winning goal for the other team. It was not my intention no matter how much I wanted to avoid overtime and PK's. And remember, there's always next season!

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