Saturday, March 02, 2013

March: The Month of the Yard Transformation

My Mr. Wonderful and baby girl working on repairing the corner sprinkler
head that has either been ran over or was busted by age. Either way,
we worked together to make sure the yard was well taken care of. 
Every so often in life (pretty much every week for us lately) you are presented with a challenge and it's up to you (and your family and maybe one or two good friends) to rise to the occasion and work hard to make it all happen.

CHALLENGE: Install a new yard within a limited amount of time and make sure all of the sprinklers (the majority of them were broken) are working properly. Oh, and figure out how to even turn on the sprinkler system without watering a sidewalk or a brick wall. 

Since Mr. Wonderul is all about research, first thing was to gather information and pull together a plan of attack based on some bids from different landscaping companies. Did I mention this would all happen with a very limited budget?

So three bids later, we've identified a company that fits what we're looking for and is about double what we want to pay. Nothing unusual for most of us but it's at this point (again, because there's limited time and money) that you begin thinking, have I done enough to make the right decision? Thankfully a lack of money and time will also spring motivation. In this case, we were ready to get this completed and set so we could go back to our regular house projects which up until this point, was very low on the list but I digress...

Without all of the back and forth on price and how much would it be to use these plants here instead of there and let's not do that anymore since we'll try to use existing plants throughout the yard but relocate them so they make more sense in certain spaces.

These are the conversations I never dreamed I'd be having but I am. More to come on the yard transformation...My only little series about our small green space in the world.

Happy yard fixing to anyone who may be doing the same thing out there!

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