Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013!

ALL you really need to have a HAPPY New Year Celebration.
Yes, that's right. Happy, HAPPY 2013! Good riddance 2012. In Lorelie fashion, I began my New Year surrounded by people I love and with sparklers and using the wedding flutes that the Zabinski's gave Mr. Wonderful and I.

The BeFrie and Mr. BeFrie were in town along with Mr. Wonderful's sister so at the stroke of midnight, we shouted it from the rooftops and wished each other a year of wonderful and a fresh start since 2012 pretty much kicked my butt in so many ways that I couldn't even muster enough words to write about it.

Outback Bowl with Mr. Wonderful, Tori
and our little football fan
Thankfully, I enter into this year with arms wide open and love surrounding me. Even though I didn't care for the last 365 days I still found myself looking back at some of what the family and I were able to accomplish despite the obstacles that surfaced along the way.

Lessons learned...
Hold hands. Celebrate more. Whine less. Be better than that, because you are. Live simply. Be present. Keep your shoulders down. Relax. What comes around goes around. If you're not sure, work harder. Consolidate when you can. Call your mom and brother more. Make popcorn. Listen to music. Play a contact sport. Thursday is the best day of the week. Cheer on great talent and great moments. Be kind. Don't worry. Walk more. Remember right now because it's gone way too fast. No matter what, just love. 

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