Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the plan and a hello..i missed you too.

so the plan was to share pics and fun moments of the last few months...since my baby girl turned three i guess you could say i've been on a bit of a hiatus. the plan was to give you just a glimpse of how this summer has been an adventure full of vacations, celebrations, changes, racin' and good talks with close friends.

BUT, instead, i just want to say hello. hello to my one reader or maybe two out there. you understand how life happens faster than can be explained sometimes or blogged about. you totally get that i wouldn't just fall off the edge of the web without letting you know where i was heading.

with that said, my inner writer and let's-talk-about-it-lorelie self wants to over-explain and let you know what i've actually been doing is journaling the old fashion know...with a book full of blank pages and a nice rollerball black pen...sometimes colorful markers will jump in the mix. most of you know that it's a passion of write, to journal and lately, the ideas have been flowing. no. scratch that. POURING out of me. mainly ideas of what my next writing projects will be...outlines and characters. it feels good to get it down rather than letting it slip through my mind like so many other possibilities.

in addition to journaling, i've been cooking more which in the past, i would loathe but i'm stretching outside of my comfort zone and trying to warm up to the idea that it's a little fun to make delicious food that is fresh and healthy for my family. (having a flashback to the last time i went to a cooking class...i was miserable but even four years later, there is hope.) i'm even using cookbooks that have been bought by me at a bookstore...with my own money. miracles DO happen every day.

so tell me, what have you been up to this summer?

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