Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Who is your Lionel Logue?

1937 portrait of Lionel Logue
Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue in King's Speech

After watching the King's Speech, I couldn't help but ask myself the question --

Who is my Lionel Logue?

Logue was a rich (meaning several layers, not big money man) character in the movie and challenged the soon-to-be-king who he coached through a speech impediment so he could speak publicly in an eloquent, stutter-free and memorable way.

I loved his character. I loved the way he challenged his patients. I love that he stood up for his knowledge not because he was a real doctor from formal education but because he shared his insight from life experience with real value from a place of wanting to make a difference by being who he was born to be and sharing that gift with others.

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