Saturday, February 19, 2011

Suds + Sponges = Good Family Fun

Yes, those are pink gloves and yes, she is washing a car. It's one of our many chores that she enjoys doing with both of us. She doesn't get bored and she loves the bubbles and the water and yes, the pink gloves. So, this time around we scrubbed all three vehicles and she worked on them all. When we finished up, she proudly shared with me what a "good job" she did helping to get them all clean.
It makes my heart so happy to spend time together like this because no matter what we're doing when you are a family you enjoy helping each other in the fun times and even while we're doing something as non-exciting like washing cars.
If I haven't told you enough today...I love you Mr. Wonderful and baby girl. I love our family and the opportunity to grow with you every day wherever we are and whatever we're doing together.

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