Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 8: I'm a VEGETARIAN again.

Well...It's happened again.

I say again because it has been at least 14 years since I've been down this path of plants. Back then, I had a part-time job at the library where I, similar to this time around, found a lot of disturbing information about what the food industry is doing to what we eat, and how they're hurting our environment. And holy cow, I am shocked and ready for a change.

So, with that in mind, I've turned a new leaf or really re-lifted it, and have decided to take a break from eating animals. After reading a few blogs like this, and an entertaining yet harsh truth book, I'm convinced that this is what I'm intended to do right now for the following reasons:

1 - Since I can remember, I've hated to cook with meat...The handling of it and the cutting...Sometimes cleaning (YUCK!). It makes me want to to vomit the way that my friend Heather (who was one of my college roommates) wants to puke at the thought of cleaning a toilet. And then the disposing of the packaging and any misellaneous pieces...what trash can to put it in so it doesn't attract the wrong four-legged animal to my garage door.

2 - Without even realizing it, I already go for days without eating meat. It's not the top of my list of food choices. I remember the line I'd give, "Well I only eat chicken, not beef." Come to find out and after actually EDUCATING myself, chicken is by far more disgusting in the way their handled through every step of the way to your plate. (Just thinking about it now makes me want to throw up on my laptop.)

3 - When not having to come up with a meat, a starch and a veggie for dinner, I'm actually thinking more creatively about what I want to prepare for meals, and there's a sense of consciousness (not sure if that word is spelled the way I'm thinking) that I have when coming up with what my family and I should eat. I can't just pick up fried chicken and call it dinner. Instead, I'm thinking of roasted vegetables and orzo pasta with some sauteed spinach. Honestly, that sounds so much better to me than a piece of fried chicken right now.

So, for now, I'm going for it. I'm not requiring Mr. Wonderful and the baby girl to jump on the bandwagon just yet. This is a decision that I made eight days ago for me. I have a feeling my family will get the benefits of it along the way.

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