Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drops of Jupiter

I am attending my 5th PRSA Sunshine District Conference. This year, I'm the Chair of the Sunshine District which has been truly a privilege since this fabulous state of ours has some of the most talented and nicest PR people in all the world.

This year's conference is being held at the Jupiter Beach Resort that is conveniently off the Florida turnpike, right on the beach and a beautiful not too big place. Tonight, we kicked things off poolside at the bar with a brief presentation from Rosanna who is the Chair-Elect for the national board. Then, a gentlemen named Harvey Oyer talked to us about Florida history which sounds like a good time to "head to the restroom" but I'm so glad I was there. His presentation was insightful and even though I did learn my Florida history growing up here and even making the 4th grade pilgramage to the nation's oldest city and then later attending college there, I was surprised at how much I didn't know. It ended up being a well received presentation and even poolside with many distractions -- beach to the left, pool to the right, the bar in the middle with the TV on and other people who were not in our party, drinking it up. Transportation is key in our state along with agriculture, travel/tourism and medical science. So, thank you 1845 for coming around and marking the beginning of this great state even though we were matched with Iowa who was the free state and Florida was the slave state.

After the reception, I walked down to Jupiter Beach to check the beach scene and get my feet in the sand. There are actually rocks on the beach along the coast. I called Mr. Wonderful who was at Chinese Thursday with the gang and even the baby girl said, "Hi Mommy!" Miss them but as all mothers know, it's great to get some time away to blog, read, think, just be.

Jen Wakefield and I decided to grab some dinner...We weren't sure where to go so we drove 4 miles down the main road and headed to Outback to grab a bite. It really ended up being the perfect food to hit the spot. And Jen is so easy to talk to...I really enjoy hanging out with her despite the fact we've only really done it twice now.

So, I'm back in my room watching World Cup highlights and trying to wind down a bit before I call it a night. It has been a really wonderful day. Ready for the conference sessions, more networking and fun with my Sunshiners.

As baby girl would say, "Night, Night."

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