Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day @ SeaWorld

After running around all morning -- breakfast at First Watch, grocery shopping for curry chicken ingredients and loading the car with what we may or may not need at SeaWorld -- we FINALLY got to the park right before noon. Of course, it was blazing hot but we still made the best of it. We started off at the Pets Ahoy show which was so much fun for the Baby Girl. I had the best time watching her react to the dogs, cats, birds, mice and pot belly pig. After the pet show, we went over to the Shamu show. It was again very strange to watch the show without any trainers in the water. We ate lunch over where the horses once were. Sad to see that change too. Then, we finished the day off at the Dolphins show. By then, it was time to head out to Charley's to meet up with the Lay's and Budimans' for the annual steak dinner celebration.

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