Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Recap

So, I was just looking at my blog thinking...Ummmm...Where did March go? I posted a few pics mid-month but have been off in la-la land since then. The month of March is always full of good times with good friends.

During the first full week of the month, my soccer team beat the Ma's and Pa's in the playoffs for the first time, I think, in VooDoo history. They're a solid team and seem to knock us out every season prior. We played another game and lost but at that point, we were so happy about the victory over the other team, we went home with smiles on our faces at a game/season well played.

Also, this week the family celebrated birthdays through thought and snail mail to both Trish and Erin. Happy Birthday! We love you and are thinking of you!

The second week of March was Communications Week at Flagler College. I traveled to St. Augustine for a speaking engagement. It was great to hear the collective messages..."Network." "Don't be afraid to do whatever job you're asked to do." "If you have an opportunity to talk with top level management about ideas that can help drive the business, do so." And, my favorite, "work with passion"..Really, be passionate about what you do. Most times, that is the differentiator for those that are good at their jobs to those that are GREAT.

On Friday, I enjoyed getting together at Jason and Bernice's place for their wine tasting event. They had a representative from Trinitas there in their home, sharing the different wines available from the vineyard. Really cool time.

On Saturday, I enjoyed taking my cousin Lanie and my other cousin in heart, Nerissa, to the Farmer's Market and introducing them to three of my favorite things: 1) a bagelwich, 2) a large bag of hot kettle corn and 3) fresh squeezed orange juice. Baby girl was there too and enjoyed hanging out with the girls for the morning.

Later that afternoon, the family jumped in the car and headed to Melbourne for J's birthday party. Baby Girl was so excited and had the perfect dress that her Aunty Soluna picked out even before she was born. Aunty Maria helped her decorate her first cupcake. She crawled around a lot and played with the big kids. J. ended up not liking cake at all. Something tells me that Baby Girl won't have that problem just by her genetic makeup. (We'll see in a few weeks!) After the "kid's party" was over, we ate a lot of really awesome Indian food. The Padilla's and Kriese's were thinking that the food had been served and then Soluna came over to let us know that what we had was just appetizers. We couldn't believe it! Needless to say, we were so full at the end of this party that even though I'm a major cake addict, I had ZERO room left for anything else. That was probably some of best Naan I've ever had along with a bunch of other dishes that I don't know the names of. We left pretty late that night and got home at almost midnight. What a day! I think everyone was exhausted in a good way.

SUNDAY was my birthday! Mr. Wonderful invited as many friends as he had phone numbers to to come over and celebrate around the new grill he got a few weeks before for his birthday. It was all hamburgers, hot dogs and anything else he could throw on there. Really fun! Everyone pitched in so I could get my new favorite thing -- A KINDLE 2!!! So love it! Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so much fun and helping to give me the gift that keeps on giving!

The same week of my birthday is Heidi Hi's big day along with Lori and Wendy. Hope everyone's birthdays were extra special!

Third week of March was full of great food with great friends. Andres and Soluna took me to lunch on Monday at Dessert Lady...SO YUMMY that if I had a saying about how good it was, I would insert it here. Then, the Triple L ladies met up for breakfast to catch up on life and the latest. Friday night, I decided to get out of the house and join in on the Stampin' Fun with the ladies. I didn't do a lot of stamping or scrapbooking but I had a nice time just being out of the house. I think the weekend was pretty laid back. On Sunday, I went to a Stampin' workshop at Diana's and learned how to make some pretty neat cards, including a pop up, and an Easter basket. Really fun.

Then to continue to the birthday wishes, a big one goes to my sister-in-law, Cindy. :-)

I will continue the last week of March on another post. What an awesome month!!

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