Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where have I been?

Just shy of almost 800 posts and I disappear. As of late, I've been committed to taking time off which means stepping away from the laptop and all that it helps create. I'm happy to report that I've enjoyed the little break and now am back in blog-it-up! mode.

First, the year has started off all over the place. Mr. Wonderful remains, well, wonderful. Baby girl is impressing me with new skills on a daily basis. She has taught me that the simple things need to be embraced more often. Staying grounded and grateful...Two big priorities for me these days.

Second, January is by far the busiest month for birthdays for close friends of mine. To the befrie! HAPPY SUPER LATE BIRTHDAY! Would love to hear about your trip to Haiti and your birthday celebrations. To Jeremy, Steven, Doris and Daniel - Happy Birthday too! All amazing people and all born in January!

Finally, I want to turn a new leaf in putting observations together on this here blog. I mean, yes, being a mom is great but I want to get a bit better about posting other things outside of just the little one. She does completely fill my world but I'm also wanting to challenge myself to see and write about other life-filling things.

This is my first official post of 2009. Of course, the fireworks started it all off with a bang. (yes I did...it's what I do.)


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