Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's Go Ladies!!



So I actually got to participate in my first GNO of 2009 with my girls Gin and Tina. Both of these ladies have been in my life for over10 years and Tina has been in my life for over 20. So, a bunch of us moms headed downtown for a night out. It has been awhile but it was nice to be out and catch up without distractions and the little people needing us every two seconds. Tina is doing really well at work and super busy with her little J. He's a big kid now with energy to burn. Gin is doing great too. She has been attending a church near her home and her and little MyMy have become very involved. I love that for her since I believe it's what will bring everything together. So we headed to Orlando's finest rooftop which was nice and then headed to a new place where everyone seems to go these days. What a great night and I'm so glad that I was able to catch up with both Tina and Gin. They are fabbbuuuulous gals and I love them both!

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