Friday, December 05, 2008

Must write words today

I've been posting a lot of pics the last few times since lately, I've been juggling like a crazy person life at work, with a baby, finding time with friends, maintaining some kind of a social life, visiting with family and loving my one and only Mr. Wonderful. There are so many things to do and only so much time. You've heard it all before, but this December, for me, has come faster than ever and it's now Dec. 5th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN TANYA!!) and I'm nowhere near where I usually am this time of the year on coordinating my holiday shopping, volunteering and cards. Of course, this is not a complaint...This is just the way it is right now. I'm optimistic and know it'll be fine. Because I KNOW --- I will finish my family calendar. I will get my cards addressed and sent. (I do have the stamps! Got that out of the way before Thanksgiving!) I will buy presents for the people on my list even though I am not a fan of Christmas being all about presents. It will happen. Every year, it happens.

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