Friday, December 08, 2006

what a week!

so many wonderful things happening...

first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, JoAnn! talked to her this morning and wished her a beautiful day. she is taking the fam to "D-I-S-N-E-Y" tomorrow. she had to spell it out on the phone this morning since the pre-schooler was in the car with her. couldn't help but love the idea of showing children the park for the first time. what an awesome thing!

monday was full of adventure and started early at the favorite breakfast place with APR buddy. there's so much going on for both of us. had a great lunch at PHO with the pres-elect of the Florida PR group. really great gal! she's got a lot of wonderful ideas for not only her crowd, but the entire community.

tuesday i went to work and had to leave a bit early to meet mr. wonderful's dad at blue lake. it ended up being a bust since he didn't like the place. we saw a lot of properties and finally settled on one that mr. wonderful was going to love. we were there for, what seemed like, several hours.

wednesday we made an offer on the place we saw the night before that was not at all on my radar because of the asking price.

thursday we heard back from the sellers with their counter. so, we countered. had a meal over at ID that was a bit tense due to our fluctuating state of mind.

friday we finalized the offer and settled on a selling price. in between it all, i had a great sushi lunch with some of the most hilarious people i know. we also got to celebrate with friends at creative girl and super husbands abode. it was a great evening of fun.

all this to show how quickly things happen for people in the world of real estate. as i mentioned in the rundown, the house we are hoping to make ours wasn't even on my radar due to the original asking price. now, we're going through the process and really learning so much. mr. wonderful's dad was a fantastic help and still is. we're so thankful to have him as we plug along this crazy road of home ownership.

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