Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas on the First Coast

Mr. Wonderful and I headed north for our Christmas gatherings with families on each side of the pond. The continued holiday spirit flowed from doorstep to doorstep as we celebrated the birthday of baby Jesus. My sweetie really wanted an ice cream cake but will bring the idea back next December and make it up real special for Fab Dad inlaw.

I have finally come to a true point where the joy of giving is so much better than the joy of receiving. Maybe next year, we'll even suggest to everyone no gifts. If you see something that makes you think of us, then get it. Otherwise, don't be limited by a date to overwhelm yourself to find something perfect and special. Enjoy yourself. Focus on the kids. Be at one with the peace that His birth gave to each one of us. The Love that is shared from one person to the next. Remember to see the season with new eyes...As if you're a child trying to catch Santa delivering your gifts in the middle of the night. Be wise. Be full. Be thankful.

This Christmas, we were thankful. We were happy to have those we love so much surrounding us. We were sad as we missed the one who kept the celebration going and who made it so beautiful for each of us. We were, and still are, grateful for our family, friends and those we haven't met yet who make life so amazing every day.

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