Thursday, October 12, 2006

love the thursday

lovely day here in the sunshine's thursday...i am wearing a new sweater (yea, no jokes. it's in the 70's and for us floridians, it's cool out there)...had a great lunch with group team member and talked to several people today via email, phone, im, etc. isn't it amazing and scary sometimes how many people we communicate to in one day? i can be on the phone, have someone in my office motioning my thoughts to and read my email and respond all at the same time. even as someone who is in the communication business, i still am amazed and frightened by it all. i enjoy the opportunity to multi-task but then, i quickly find myself circling the office after a few hours of work just to gain clarity so i can write that feature newsletter article for the entire company of ga-thousand people to skim through. i'm tired. pooped. don't like to use that word but today, it's the best word out there for my current state. plus, it reminds me of someone who makes me laugh daily about the subject. (like i'm gonna tell you who!) anyways, it's chinese night (thank God!) and i couldn't be more ready to just sit back and relax. so, whatever you're doing, wherever you are -- enjoy and for goodness sakes, turn the blackberry off!

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