Wednesday, October 18, 2006

don't make GREMLINS

In my opinion, there is information sharing overload and the tools to do it are countless but there are some things you shouldn't share via insert latest gadget and/or form of communication. Such as AND I start with email. You should NOTpress send after typing the following words:

-- I'm pregnant.
-- I'm getting married. (mainly to family and close friends...thinking of you KT ;-) )
-- I'm leaving Las Vegas (the Sheryl Crow song just came into my head...Sorry.)
-- I quit this job! (at least have the decency and take the pleasure out of letting someone you've worked for understand how sincere you are in this decision by telling them face-to-face.)
-- Your mother/brother or anyone your close to just passed away.
-- Your blood work report came back and you should know that you ________
-- I'm getting a divorce. (mainly this one wouldn't be good to your spouse or close relatives and friends. I've received a mass email from a friend who got divorced three months after the elaborate and dazzling wedding. )
-- It's over. (specifically for the dating crowd because you just don't e-break up. I don't care what the culture says or how much change has happened in the last few years. Ending a relationship over the phone is mucho bad...By email, now that's just plain mean.)
-- I'm in the hospital. (prefer to get the call personally to do the quick question and answer helps get the right information out and not give anyone a cardiac arrest while sharing fthe info with others.)
-- I need to borrow money. (at least have the courtesy to pick up the telephone or better yet, have a face-to-face so that the giver understands what the need is by listening and looking at your expressions.)
-- I won the lottery. (at first this may seem like a good idea BUT the funny thing about email is that it can travel fast to everyone in the world so unless you want to world to know, don't put it in writing via email.)

The list can go on and on...For the most part, anything that is life changing, monumental, that will create a strong response by the person or people you're sharing this information with, is just not appropriate to send by email. Remember that email is technology's version of Gremlins. There's a lot of rules behind its existence in order to maintain some type of control. Feeding them after a certain hour can result in multiple monsters that are difficult to get rid of...Pressing send with a serious conversation involved for any aspect of life should be dealt with delicately, cautiously and personally. If not, you'll end up with a really messed up toy department and a very sad and sick Gizmo who at one time was really cute and cuddly but now, is the creator of a big mistake that will take forever to reconcile.

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