Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yoga Birthday Party - Baby Girl is 7!

To celebrate the baby girl, she planned a Yoga Birthday Party at Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness. About 20 kids between the ages of 3 and 9 were there. We decorated the entire studio with banners and puffies (pom poms). I did a post it creation on the mirror in Studio A and set up the craft/eating area in Studio B. Thankful for friends and family for helping set up - Shannon, Tori, Ted and Chaun.

The cake was inspired by the invitation. 4Rivers Sweet Shop did a fantastic job AGAIN on creating a beautiful and very tasty cake for the party. It was a hit!

Sarah AKA Big Guns who regularly does Kids Yoga at Sweetwater taught a high energy, fun 60-minute class with Baby Girl as her little assistant.

There was stretching, bending and lots of smiles throughout the yoga class. I thought I heard some laughing too.

Such a great group of kids from Baby Girls' school, soccer team and close friends who celebrated her during yoga class the day after her birthday.

Sarah and Baby Girl kicking it up together. Love this picture!

More stretching by partnering up with her friend from school. Such a fun day!

After Yoga class, the kids enjoyed some snacks - popcorn chicken, turkey/ham sandwiches, fruit, veggies and chips. Once they were finished eating, they decorated water bottles with Sharpie markers and added candy that was dropped on each table to them.

We brought the cake in to the same studio to sing and eat it all. In addition to the main cake, I had red velvet and chocolate cake balls which have been well received by people who want just a little sweet.

Once the cake was served and it went fast, Mr. Wonderful gathered everyone in Studio A for a very safe and loving game of DODGE BALL...It was the Birthday Girl's request so all went well until the kids were the ones throwing the balls. Something happened...I didn't see it but once Baby Girl was upset, it was a good time to end the game and move to something else.

Now normally we do not open presents at her parties...There's usually not enough time but this time, it seemed like it worked with the way the party was going and it would make her feel better after the crazy dodgeball game. All of her friends and family were very generous and so thoughtful. She received cards, toys, books, games and lots of cute girl stuff.

We closed out the party after presents. Everyone was having so much fun visiting, that no one seemed to want to leave. Once they did head out, I handed every child a mandala design kit.

Thanks to my in-laws (Baby Girls' Papou and YiaYia), Tori, my brother Theo, Chaun and Shannon, the break down and load out of the party went by very quickly and easy. We were back home in enough time to change clothes and get to Universal Studios that night.

Celebrating in love,

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