Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Learned In April...

1. Every day, no matter what is known, is different. 

No matter how much you plan, schedule, rearrange, work around, cancel that, add this…The moments still occur beyond anything you can really anticipate or prepare for…whether it's personal or professional. A good reminder that you really don't know what you don't know.

2.  I literally have the best brother in the entire world.

It makes me so happy to know that at any time from anywhere, I can connect with my brother. It's something I do not take for granted, not even for a second. Happy birthday month Theo!

3. Sometimes things, all at the same time, breakdown/do not work/bans together and doesn't like me.

Let's just say the beginning of April after a week of vacation at the end of March brought a lot of technology challenges. These devices that we so rely on just love to completely die…in threes…simultaneously. It's the last day of April and I'm still trying to catch my breath after two weeks of the not-one-piece-of-technology-is-working-for-me roller coaster ride. I threw my hands up, closed my eyes and just waited until the lap bar was released. I may have whisper-screamed a few times, "Weeeeeeeeee."

4. My best friend is truly the absolute best. 

The stars aligned and my "be-fri" came to town with her entire family. She could arrive with 23 lemurs and I'd welcome her with open arms because two minutes with Joy makes up for the thousands of non-Joy minutes I have the rest of the year.

5. I need a budget again

I mean for reals. I've worked budgets before and then you get comfortable. Like anything that truly matters, it is work so I'm back to working it. Be the boss and let money do its job. All of a sudden, "She Works Hard for the Money" is playing in mind. Maybe I'll change the words to "She's the Boss of Her Money." Ha!

Another month in the books. Here's to May! 

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