Sunday, September 09, 2012

Disney On Ice - Take 2 (hold your wallets)

This was our second time taking the baby girl to Disney On Ice. The first time was all Toy Story characters at the old arena and this time was a whole new venue and it was focused on princesses. Dream come true! (as usual from Disney)

So, we arrive for the show and discover that we're sitting on the same row with one of her classmates. Out of the entire place, we're four seats from a friend from school. What are the odds? What's not that odd but so true is the way that they merchandise the sparkles out of  the event. Immediately, princess outfits and popcorn in princess bowls and circling light things are for sale. None of this is priced reasonably. All of it is very expensive, but because you're already there, you want to get your kid something, anything, to win top honors as Parent of the Year.

Last time around, we came out of the experience unscathed. The baby girl was younger, not as adamant.  Not this time, the wallet came out and we bought a princess light wand (in action in the above blurry photo).

Now how many times do you think our little one has played with this toy consistently since she's been home? Try never.

I write this to only give fair warning to all of you parents out there who may head to a Disney On Ice show with no idea that it's an absolute merch fest. Not a bad thing overall but definitely something to prepare for with a set amount if you plan to purchase something and the appropriate responses for why a princess popcorn bucket is not gonna happen.

Here are a few pics of what our baby girl said she had to have (in addition to the toy we bought her).

Important note: We absolutely loved the Disney On Ice Show. 

It's amazing what they can do while ice skating...the sets, the lights, the performers...All fantastic! I highly recommend going especially if you have children under the age of 10. Depending on the theme, some kids do wear costumes which is always fun.

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