Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why I Love Being A Mom

I love to dance. Not because I've taken a dance lesson or had aspirations to pursue a career in it but because there's something so liberating when you're in the moment and you just let yourself move. Recently I discovered what I love even more than cutting a rug (please tell me that means dancing)...I love to watch my daughter dance. A few weeks ago, she participated in her first recital and as a mom, I couldn't be prouder. Now before you send my name on to the producers of Dance Moms, know that it's not because of how she rocked that stage like it was hers (Yeaaa baby!) but more importantly, I experienced her growing up in such a big way right before my very eyes. True, it doesn't hurt that the costumes are so adorable and she had makeup on. Makeup!  The moment she walked out on that stage during her one and only number, a little voice whispered, "She's not a baby anymore." Of course, I air slapped that cray cray voice and said "Get back! She'll always be my baby!"

So these moments are reason #4,567 why I love being a mom...I already get to be a part of watching the baby girl become a big girl. I get to jump up and down at the end and clap loudly even though she can't see me through the stage lights. I'm out there watching her and celebrating every (dance) step of the way.

Bravo, baby, BRAVO!

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