Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three Reasons Why You Should Always Watch the Daytona 500

My cousin Justin and I at the Daytona 500 prior to the announcement
about the race being postponed to Monday at noon.
So in case you were out of the country or sleeping before 11:30 p.m. ET on Monday night, I want to be the one to tell say that you missed one of the most historical races in Daytona International Speedway history. Besides the race being postponed due to weather and 200 gallons of jet fuel igniting the track, there was a lot of talk about Brad Keselowski who "tweeted" the first pic from inside his race car while on the track and then, the Tide showed up...There has never been a cleaner track in all the world. Most importantly, there has never been a race like this is all the world!

After deciding to not return to Daytona and instead, let my cousin take my place on a school night, It was happy to park myself into my favorite chair and power up the laptop.

So to make a long race short, CONGRATULATIONS to team Kenseth, #17 who just happens to be Justin's favorite driver. I'm more of a Harvick girl...#29!

Here are three reasons why you should always watch the Daytona 500:

1 - You never know what's going to happen. 

2 - Even when you think you know, you really don't. 

3 - Tide and Twitter are NASCAR super stars (Maybe one day @DaleJr will actually send out a Tweet.")

Thanks to all of my followers on Twitter who put up with my non-stop tweets on Race night. The Daytona 500 was the most memorable race I've ever watched on TV. To think, I was almost right there near Turn 4. There's always 2013!

[[[ congrats to kevin and delana harvick on their anniversary and the upcoming birth of their baby! ]]]

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