Monday, October 04, 2010

Secretariat is Beyond a Winner

Had an opportunity to see "Secretariat" and from start to finish enjoyed the inspirational story and courage of the Chenery family, specifically Penny, who believed and knew from the beginning that Secretariat was a winner. "Let him run his own race," was the advice she received from her dying father. The photo to the left is of Secretariat's win by 31 lengths. To this day, he still holds the record and horseracing has yet to see another horse like him. The movie itself was a bit trite in places but the story of hope and inspiration still runs through it AND I just loved how they incorporated the real Penny Chenery in the final race of the Triple Crown. Nice touch. I would recommend if you're looking for a movie full of triumph that is overflowing with extra sweet sauce, go and see "Secretariat." You will feel uplifted and reminded why it's important to stand up for what you know is true.

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