Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

I just finished playing three games of soccer.


Yes, seriously. I'm in complete and utter pain. Why did I do it? Whyyyy?

I believe I have a few reasons...1 - I'm a glutton for punishment (we all are secretly especially when we know better), 2 - In my mind, I still run, jump, react, kick and block like a sixteen year old. 3- I have no control over doing certain things I love and I love soccer.

It's still a mystery that we got scheduled for three games in a row since we were originally scheduled for only two and then a rain out occurred and the whole schedule changed. So, I blame the rain for the burning muscles that are in the lower part of my legs and the bottom of my feet...Forget it. They are shot.

So, we walked out there thinking we may play one, maybe two games. Never did we actually think we would continue on to game three. Game one was pretty easy. We won 4 zip. The second was a bit harder but we were able to finish up at 2-1. Then, the third game, we were tied 1-1 and went to overtime and then to a shoot out. Robb missed the first ball in. Mike, Ashelee, Joelle and one other guy made it in. The other team didn't miss any so we lost by 1 lousy PK.

Even with the loss after literally THREE hours of soccer play, we had a great time together, laughed a lot and didn't get to enjoy the coolers we had on stand by. (thankful they were there since I got nailed right in the eye)

So, it really is "not whether you win or lose but how you play the game."

Great work VooDoo! Proud to be your captain.

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