Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Girl's 1st Day Away

So, today, Baby Girl is off to meet some new friends and her new teachers. She got there later in the morning which was my doing since I took my time getting her ready and then took forever getting her dressed and of course, we have to have pictures for the blog and it just can't be any picture but the picture that says, "I'm totally happy even though I don't know where I'm going." After all of that, I signed her in and handed her over and got into the car as fast as possible before the idea of grabbing her and putting her back into the car became reality. On my way home, I made a couple of calls and then convinced myself that she needed to come home after lunch. 1 o'clock was the original idea but then I held off until 2...The owner even pointed out what a short day Baby Girl had with them. "Oh well," I thought...She's mine and I only have a few more days of maternity leave left and I want her to know that I truly cherish my time with her. The funny thing is, I walked in on the Chinese lesson going on. Sorry Baby Girl. I think they'll do it again for you so you can learn how to sing "It's a Small World" in Mandarin.

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