Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shoving off Seven Years of Sopranos

just watched the season finale of the Sopranos...i kept anticipating the kind of ending where guns are blazing and people are being taken out left and right. trust me, it's not my thing at all to want a violent end to what is one of HBO's best shows ever. instead, the ending left you wondering, confused, disappointed (mr. wonderful more than me) and so uncertain that it compelled me to rewind my dvr and make sure i didn't miss something somehow. but, nope, that was it...credits are rolling and no one is shooting anybody so it's over...just like that. it's over. i was left with so many questions:

-- what was with the cat? especially when it was staring at chris' picture?
-- did sil live? (i just realized i've never posted before about this show so i really don't know how to spell one person's first name.)
-- what was with paully? there was speculation that he flipped but in the end, he just seemed scared of death and strange about things with "T" and with everyone else?
-- the fed guy who tony met up with in the beginning...why was he so excited to hear when phil got popped?
-- who were those twin babies and that woman that phil was with?
-- did anyone else feel nervous for tony when he was on the balcony with janice?
-- was AJ's psychiatrist aware of tony's condition? she seemed to have a look on her face that said she knew what he was all about.
-- for a second while tony was in the backyard, did anyone think that maybe the ducks would make a comeback?

moving forward, i will enjoy picking back up with the new shows and some of the old shows that seem somewhat interesting. this was a good one though. one i'm gonna miss. so, thanks for the journey. oh yes, the band JOURNEY...Of all songs, they ended it all with "Don't Stop Believing."

here comes the confusion again.

thanks to super boss woman at the house, i just got turned on to this article featured in The New Yorker on June 4.

here's a snippet at the end of the article: The end is a mystery, but we know one thing: “The Sopranos” defied Aristotelian conventions. It is a comedy that ends with a litany of the dead and missing. Whaddya gonna do?

another great post about the sopranos. thanks heidi!

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