Thursday, March 15, 2007

and many more...

in DC for the big one -- every birthday is abiggie now. mr. wonderful brought cards from so many friends and family so i could have them with me on my trip. i've created a little birthday shrine in our room. thanks to all who thought of me and sent the very best! i am having a great birthday!!

one of the above photos was obviously taken at the station in DC that Scott works at...we headed that way after dinner. lil B and i did the 11 o'clock news together...well, okay, maybe not BUT we thought about it. got to see the latest at channel nine (my fave number of course) and took lots of pictures around the station.

my birthday in DC rocks! thanks Scott, Mike, Lil Bufus, Cactus Cantina and of course, Mr. Wonderful for making it extra special! here's to another year of being grateful for what Life has given and what Life will give!

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